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What To Do If Your Roofing Claim Is Denied: A Comprehensive Guide

What to do if Your Roofing Claim is Denied: A Comprehensive Guide

Hello there, dear readers! 

This is Brookens Construction, your trusted roofing contractor in Wisconsin. Today, we want to help address a relatively common yet often misunderstood issue: denied roofing claims.

It’s a reality that insurance companies can, and often do, deny valid damage claims. It can be a frustrating and confusing process for homeowners, especially when faced with the aftermath of a storm or other damaging event. However, it’s essential to understand that a denial is not necessarily the end of the road. Most insurance companies offer many options to challenge the initial inspector’s opinion – something they only sometimes tell homeowners upfront.

After a claim is denied, the first step is to request a re-inspection. In other words, ask that the insurance company sends out a different adjuster for a second opinion. Our data shows that over 60% of denied claims are approved after this second inspection. So, a re-inspection could lead to a different outcome.


The process gets more involved if the claim is denied for a second time. The insurance company will typically hire a third-party “non-biased” inspector, such as a structural engineer or professional roof consultant, to assess the situation.

At this point, it’s also essential to bring a non-biased third party on your behalf. As your roofing contractor, our opinion could be biased, so we often suggest bringing in a public adjuster to act as an unbiased third party.


From here, two paths can be taken:


  1. The Appraisal Process: The third-party inspectors from both sides agree on an umpire. The three individuals meet at your property, and the referee makes the final call. It’s crucial to note that if this path is selected, you, as the insured, waive your right to litigate or take the case to court.
  2. Legal Action: You can skip the appraisal process, bring in a property loss attorney, and file a lawsuit against the insurance carrier.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realize there is a process to rebut the insurance carrier’s denial and prematurely give up. At Brookens Construction, we’re proud to say we’ve never lost a battle with any insurance carrier as long as the homeowner stays in the fight.


We’ve successfully overturned several hundred denied claims on residential and multi-family levels. We have the utmost confidence in our ability to help you through this process. If your property has taken visible damage, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ we can get approval.


We hope this post has been enlightening and offers some hope for dealing with a denied claim. Remember, you’re not alone in this; we’re always here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us at Brookens Construction for any roofing needs or further guidance.


Stay strong, Wisconsin homeowners – we’ve got your back!

Brooke Sumner Avatar
Michael with Brookens was wonderful to work with in maneuvering a roof replacement due to hail damage. He was very attentive and knowledgeable. I appreciated his patience in answering all of my questions. The office staff was also great to work with! Would highly recommend!
Brooke Sumner 12/09/2022
Randy Zielicke Avatar
Chuck stopped by and offered to do a roof inspection. After I confirmed that the company was local in Appleton, I allowed him to go on the roof. He confirmed we had hail damage and provided a report to what he found. The insurance adjuster could see it from the ladder before going on the roof.
Chuck was great to work with and always professional, and very friendly. He helped us with our insurance claim, pick the right color shingle and gave us some job addresses that had our shingle choices installed that we coud see what the roof looks like completed.
The team of roofers arrived before 7 a.m. and were here to get the job done. Our 3 bedroom house with a 2 car attached garage and our 2 car garage in the back yard was completed by 12:45 pm. 5 3/4 hours to complete the job and do all of the cleanup. The roofing team did an awesome job. They new roof is perfect.
Brookens Construction is good company and I would absolutely recommend them to family and friends!
Randy Zielicke 11/11/2022
John Nelson Avatar
Brookens Construction did a roof replacement for me in June of 2022 . I met Barry who did a lengthy inspection of my roof then showed me the damage,Barry met with the insurance adjuster and got this project scheduled. A job well done from Barry to Don the project manager and his hard working roofing crew. Everything was done with Quality workmanship and materials. I was very pleased how the roof replacement went and hired them to do the roof on my mothers house. Thanks to Brookens
John Nelson 8/29/2022
Bk Shuffle Avatar
Brian McGuire was the salesman who came to our house the day after a hail storm. He was awesome and provided a detailed pdf report. The install crew was great. Cameron, the Project Manager, was on-site for the duration of the work and then performed a detailed review and walk-through of the finished work. Cameron was a great communicator abs kept us informed. Lastly, Ashley Cox was an office contact as we had questions leading up to the actual days the work was performed. Her responsiveness to our email questions went way above expectations (emailed back once at 8am on a Sunday morning). The entire experience with Brookens was terrific and would highly recommend them.
Bk Shuffle 8/26/2022
Gary Keller Avatar
We initially met with Aaron and everyone we dealt with from that point on was very professional and timely. Tyler and Norman were amazing to work with, and I can’t say enough on how Norman’s crew did installing our new roof. They tore off and installed 50+ square of roofing on a complicated roof line in just under a full day because of rain in the early morning. Constant communications and follow up has been above and beyond what I typically see from businesses today.
I highly recommend Brookens construction.
Gary Keller 8/10/2022
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